What size pressure washer spray nozzle is this anyway?


selecting pressure washer spray tips

Pressure washer spray tips

Choosing the correct spray nozzle (tip) for you pressure washer is crucial to its performance.  Having the wrong orifice size, spray angle, and flow rate nozzle will not only leave you frustrated, it can also cause damage.  The following is a quick reference guide to help you determine what spray nozzle you have.

Pressure washer spray nozzles can be identified by a five or six digit number code stamped into the side of the nozzle.  This number indicates spray angle and orifice size.  Here is how to decode the numbers.

Spray nozzle code pressure washer tip

Number code example:  15035

The first two digits are spray angle: 15

  • 00 – zero degree spray angle.
  • 15 – fifteen degree spray angle.
  • 25 – twenty five degree spray angle.
  • 40 – forty degree spray angle.


The third digit is separation between spray angle and orifice size: 0

  • 0 – just a separating spacer


The fourth and fifth digits are orifice size: 35

  • 20 – 2.0 orifice size
  • 25 – 2.5 orifice size
  • 30 – 3.0 orifice size.
  • 35 – 3.5 orifice size, etc…


NOTE: This orifice size is an industry standard designation.  It indicates actual spray nozzle orifice size,   this does not directly indicate flow rate expressed in gallons per minute (GPM).
Example: orifice size of 3.5 is not a 3.5 GPM spray nozzle.


Extra digits?

Some manufactures include an extra digit in front of, and or behind the number code.  Often times you will find a in front of the number code, this is a manufacturers specific number.  9 usually means – Spray Nozzle.  Likewise, a Q at the end of the number code usually means –  Quick Connect.


Pressure washer spray nozzle application guide.

Spray Nozzle/Tip Applications:
0 Degree Fan Spray (red tip) Blasting:Removing caked on mud from heavy

construction, farm or lawn equipment.

Cleaning tar, glue or stubborn stains from

concrete. Cleaning overhead areas.

Removing rust from steel and oxidation from


15 Degree Fan Spray (yellow tip) Stripping:Removing paint from wood, masonry or metal.

Removing grease or dirt from equipment.

Removing heavy mildew stains from block and concrete.

Removing marine growth from boats and

marine equipment.

Removing rust from steel and oxidation from


25 Degree Fan Spray (green tip) Cleaning:General cleaning of dirt, mud and grime.

Cleaning roofs, gutters and downspouts.

Removing light mildew stains.

Removing algae and bacteria build-up from

concrete. Rinsing surfaces in preparation for painting.

40 Degree Fan Spray (white tip) Washing/Rinsing:Light cleaning and washing.

Washing and rinsing of automobiles and boats.

Leaning roofs, windows, patios and driveways.


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