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Relieve Some Pressure with Pressure Washing.

Friday, March 28th, 2014

pressure wash power sprayer cleand driveways sidewalks grafitti gumGreen mold, orange water stains, these are just a few examples of what most home owners battle year round. Keeping your home or job-site clean is a never ending battle, especially living in Florida.

Consider the time savings that can be realized by renting a pressure washer. A pressure washer connects to your ordinary outside water spigot via a garden hose. The high pressure pump multiplies the incoming water pressure from 40 psi to well over 4000 psi (on larger models).

Those of you who have used a pressure washer before, understand the instant gratification achieved when using high pressure; in one pass of the wand, what was once dirty and moldy is now clean and new! Here are a few points to consider about pressure washing: