The longest one day rate around!

Have a busy weekend schedule? Pick up side work over the weekend? Can’t devote an entire day to your project? The weekend special might be for you!  The weekend special provides you the added flexibility to get your one day project done over the course of the entire weekend.

While our commercial clients can definitely benefit from the weekend special, it was designed with the weekend warrior in mind. We know the weekends are a busy time for most;  A few days of psudo relexation sandwiched between family obligations, sporting events, cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc…

We started the early pick up a few years ago on a  trial basis to see what happened.  It became so wildly popular within a few weeks, we knew the “longer” weekend special was here to stay.

Equipment quantities are  limited, and we do frequently run out over the weekends.  Guarantee the tool you need for the weekend you want.  Reserve it today!

weekend pick up specialPick up equipment from our location, or schedule for delivery.

Early pick up: Friday 12 noon to 5:pm. Regular pick up: Saturday 7:30am – 3:pm.


weekend special return equipmentReturn equipment to our location, or call “off rent” for pickup.

Monday morning 8:AM for a 1 day Charge!* Early pick up on Friday or regular pick up on Saturday is still just a one day charge.

* For Hour Metered and Fuel Burning Equipment


  • Based on a 1 day charge (week day) which allows a maximum of 8 running hours for hour metered equipment.
  • “Weekend Special” is based on a 1 day charge. This allows a maximum of 8 running hours for the entire “Weekend Special”, NOT 8 hours per day.
  • Overtime is charged per hour over 8, plus fuel, and or delivery.
  • To calculate hourly overtime charge. (daily rate / = per hour charge)
  • Fuel and delivery charges vary depending on type and distance.


Other Discounted Rental Terms

*In addition to daily rentals, we also offer a deep discount for weekly and monthly rentals.

In most cases*
Pay for 4 days keep it for 7 daysPay for 10 days keep it for a month!

  • While most equipment is discounted for weekly and monthly rentals. High wear/short life equipment may or may not be discounted as listed above.
  • Consumables such as, but not limited to, blades, pads, bits, etc.  are not included in rental rates, they must be purchased separately.
  • Rental equipment with hour meters, and fuel burning rental equipment: Overtime hours, and fuel charges apply even with discounted rental rates.
  • Rental rate must be paid in advance to receive the discount.
  • Some equipment has an even deeper discount, give us a call, you may be surprised how affordable long term renting can be!

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