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Learn About the Top 10 Myths of Tree Care

By the International Society of Arboriculture

Learn About the Top 10 Myths of Tree Care

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Most homeowners treasure the trees on their property but know little about how to care for them. Much of what you may have heard about tree care is actually incorrect, based on myths and misconceptions. Here are the top 10 myths of tree care.

Myth 1 – When a tree is planted it should be securely staked to ensure the development of a stable root system and a strong trunk.

Myth 2 – Newly planted trees should have their trunks wrapped with tree wrap to prevent sunscald and insect entry.

Myth 3 – Trees should be pruned back heavily when they are planted to compensate for the loss of roots.

Myth 4 – When removing a branch from a tree, the final cut should be flush with the stem to optimize healing.

Myth 5 – Pruning wounds greater than three inches in diameter should be painted with a wound dressing.

Myth 6 – Certain fast-growing, weak-wooded trees such as silver maple and Siberian elm should be “topped” to make them less hazardous in the landscape.

Myth 7 – If certain species of trees are pruned early in the spring, they will “bleed,” stressing the tree and causing health problems.

Myth 8 – The root system of a tree is a mirror image of the top. Many people envision a large, branching taproot growing deep into the soil.

Myth 9 – Trees require “deep root fertilization” to reach their root system.

Myth 10 – When a tree has lost a significant portion of its root system such as in construction damage, the crown should be cut ba

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