Relieve Some Pressure with Pressure Washing.

pressure wash power sprayer cleand driveways sidewalks grafitti gumGreen mold, orange water stains, these are just a few examples of what most home owners battle year round. Keeping your home or job-site clean is a never ending battle, especially living in Florida.

Consider the time savings that can be realized by renting a pressure washer. A pressure washer connects to your ordinary outside water spigot via a garden hose. The high pressure pump multiplies the incoming water pressure from 40 psi to well over 4000 psi (on larger models).

Those of you who have used a pressure washer before, understand the instant gratification achieved when using high pressure; in one pass of the wand, what was once dirty and moldy is now clean and new! Here are a few points to consider about pressure washing:

  • Surface CleanerTime Saving- Pressure washers will get the job done much quicker than using a garden hose, cleaning chemicals, and a scrubbing brush.

  • Conserves Water- Pressure washers use considerably less water than a garden hose alone. A garden hose’s output is at a rate of approximately 10 gallons per minute, a pressure washer’s output is at rate of 2-5 gallons per minute. That’s up to 80% less water used.

  • Environmentally Friendly- Huh,Wait, What!? A gas powered, oil lubricated, water spraying beast can be environmentally friendly?? Yes, in most cases cleaning power of the pressure washer eliminates the need for additional cleaning chemicals. Remember your high school chemistry? Water (H2O) is known as the universal solvent, more things dissolve in water than any other chemical. If additional chemicals are needed, there are many choices of “green” cleaning solutions that work quite well.

  • Multipurpose- Pressure washers are great for cleaning houses, patios, sidewalks & driveways, fences. However, they can be used on many Extension Wanddifferent items and surfaces: block, brick, wood, concrete, metal, plastic, gutters, windows, vehicles, heavy equipment, boats, trailers, etc.

  • Attachments- Adding an attachment can turn a pressure washer into more than just a cleaning tool. Special rotating “turbo tips” can pin point high pressure water to cut and remove paint and masonry. Wet “sand blasting” attachments can be easily added to offer additional abrasiveness for cleaning metal surfaces and removing graffiti, without the dust cloud of traditional sand blasting. “Hydro scrub” attachments save time on flat surfaces such as driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks.

  • Energy Expenditure- Let the pressure washer do the hard work for you! That will leave you feeling less exhausted at the end of the day.

  • Value- Renting a “contractor/rental grade” pressure washer costs considerably less than purchasing one. After factoring in purchase, storage, and maintenance costs, renting just makes sense!

If you have any questions concerning your pressure washer needs, feel free to give us a call (321) 723-6882. We would be happy to discuss your project, make recommendations based on your needs. Contact us

Special pricing page for our 2500 PSI Washer


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